Heating Tune-Up

Want to make your heating system work at its best? Would you like to avoid any emergencies during the cold season? Then you should book heating tune-up Houston TX service here! Routine maintenance is the right thing to consider. This service improves the efficiency of the heating system greatly. And we are the best company for home heating tune up. We send techs to service ACs, heaters, furnaces and boilers to name a few. They are skilled and qualified to perform each & every heating tune up in Houston, Texas, the proper way.

Need heating tune-up in Houston TX? Turn to us!

Heating Tune-Up Houston TX

Heights AC Repair & Installation Houston is here to prepare your heating system for the cold season. Wondering about the outcome of this service? The benefits are plenty! The whole essence of routine check-ups is keeping your heating equipment in good shape and making it work flawlessly at low temperatures. And there is no doubt that the HVAC tune up is best left to seasoned techs. At our company, we provide experts in various types of heating systems. They are certified to service most brands available. With one of these heating & AC repair Houston TX pros by your side, you get any maintenance job done to perfection.

Get your HVAC tune up done the right way

Both heater and furnace tune up services should be done properly. When something is overlooked, it may result in sudden failures. Who needs that? The techs we send out perform furnace, boiler, and heater tune up according to a full maintenance checklist. They perform each of the following steps impeccably:

  •          Inspect, test and calibrate controls
  •          Lubricate blower motors and bearings
  •          Check and adjust fan switches and pilots
  •          Clean burners if needed
  •          Inspect heat exchanger for cracks
  •          Check and clean air filters

Ready for electric furnace or gas heater tune up service? We are

By calling us for heating maintenance in Houston, you set your mind at ease. Whether you need electric furnace or gas heater tune up service, we are on it. The techs are skilled in pinpointing even the tiniest glitches and thus fix them before they expand. They also do all the necessary adjustments and make your unit run at peak efficiency. As a result, your system uses less energy and you stop spending extra money on electrical bills. Isn’t it worth considering? If so, turn to us for your Houston heating tune-up now!